Watch rejected test footage from the cancelled Deadpool cartoon

Fans of Marvel's Merc with a Mouth were left feeling disappointed earlier this week, upon hearing the news that Marvel and FX passed on Donald Glover's planned Deadpool animated series. It was an odd development, really, especially when you consider that the show had already been granted a 10-episode first season order. Then, amidst all the confusion, Donald Glover himself shared a 14-page script from the program, as a way of refuting FX's claim that Deadpool "may have been a casualty of his own packed schedule." It was a whole thing, and now, we have yet another item to share of what could have been Glover's DEADPOOL.

This afternoon, some original test footage from the series has been shared by the animation studio Titmouse. In the clip, we find Deadpool taking on a gang of gun-toting thugs in what looks to be a shady industrial park. By using clips of Ryan Reynolds' dialogue from the live-action film, Titmouse "Frankensteined" a sample pitch for the animated show. When reading the post where the original video was shared on Reddit, we learn that Titmous had pitched the footage, though ultimately failed to secure the gig. Hence, Floyd County Productions, the animation studio behind FXX and Adam Reed's ARCHER, was assigned to the project.

You can watch the test footage for yourself below:

Deadpool Animation Test from Titmouse on Vimeo.

As far as test footage goes, I think Titmouse's DEADPOOL animation sample is quite solid. Of course, that makes me all the more curious in relation to what Floyd County Productions would have produced with Glover's material. The whole situation is a real shame, though perhaps Wade will get an animated sidekick when DEADPOOL 3 inevitably gets announced? Chibi Deadpool, anyone?

Are you still bummed about the cancellation of Glover's animated DEADPOOL show? Have you read the 14-page script? Was it any good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, DEADPOOL 2 is still sceduled to arrive in theaters on May 18th.

Source: Titmouse



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