We talk Full Metal Jacket for its 30th anniversary with D'Onofrio & Modine!

Very few movies have the undeniable impact that the Stanley Kubrick masterwork FULL METAL JACKET has. Even on the classics 30th anniversary, the haunting power of this tale of war and the loss of innocence still resonates. Watching this incredible feature again, it’s hard not to stand in awe of such amazing performances from Vincent D’Onofrio and R. Lee Ermey. The two helped create a couple of the most iconic characters to ever grace the silver screen. And Matthew Modine is perfect as a young journalist facing the ugly truths and horrors of war.

We recently had the incredible honor to sit and join in on the celebration of the film’s anniversary. Not only was it incredible to revisit this extraordinary feature, but it was personally a bit of a dream come true talking about this thought provoking feature. Sitting opposite D’Onofrio, Modine and Leon Vitali - Kubrick’s assistant - and talking about Kubrick's amazing work was fascinating. The actors discussed their reaction to the surprising narrative of the film, talking on roles like D’Onofrio’s devastating portrayal of Pvt. Pyle and working with one of the most exciting filmmakers in history. So please enjoy this special look back at one of the most important films of our time, FULL METAL JACKET.

Source: JoBlo.com



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