We Talk Jean-Claude Van Johnson with the legendary Van Damme and More!

It’s amazing how much television has evolved the past few decades. With amazing scripts and original concepts, many successful film actors have happily found themselves on the small screen. One such name that I would have never expected to see on TV is action legend Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yet after his acclaimed feature JCVD, it appears that he is heading in a slightly new direction with his career. And now, he is headlining the terrific new Amazon series Jean-Claude Van Johnson, where he portrays a hilarious version of himself. Part comedy, part action extravaganza and part drama, the series takes a self-referential look at Van Damme, his career and his fictional life as a secret undercover private contractor.

Recently, we had the opportunity to get an early look at the series and talk action, a little TIMECOP, and this wild new show with Jean-Claude Van Damme, along with his fellow cast members Kat Foster, Moises Arias and Phylicia Rashad. Sitting across from Van Damme was quite an incredible experience, and it was made all the better thanks to his lovely and talented co-star, Kat Foster - she is excellent as his on-screen sidekick. The two have wonderful chemistry together, and they discussed working opposite each other in this creative new world. And Van Damme also talked about this new direction that he is moving in as a performer, and frankly, I’m digging it.

Next up we spoke to the gracious Phylicia Rashad and Moises Arias. And while it was incredible to meet Mr. Van Damme face to face, it was just as exciting to meet Ms. Rashad, who is legendary in her own right. Both of these talented actors divulged in the secrets of working on JCVJ. Moises, who has a very different look in the series, discussed that, and his co-star opened up about returning to television and why the new show spoke to her. If you are a fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme, you need to tune into Amazon Prime for the creative and wonderfully entertaining, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, premiering this Friday, December 15th.

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