Wesley Snipes is up for a sequel to White Men Can't Jump

WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP remains one of the most memorable sports movies of all time. Hitting theaters two decades ago, Ron Shelton's street basketball movie showcased a (rare at the time) serious turn for Woody Harrelson. WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP was a phenomenally popular film upon release and to this day is a highly quotable flick.

With his release from prison and big screen return in this summer's THE EXPENDABLES 3, Wesley Snipes is looking for a career resurgence. The man who was Blade is 51 years old but that doesn't mean he isn't tempted by the idea of a sequel to a movie he starred in when he was 29. Here's what he told Total Film at the premiere of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

"Yeah, man, come on Woody [Harrelson], let's do it! Actually, they've been trying to get us to do something like that for awhile. We just have to figure out the script now."

Snipes could be all talk or simply hoping that the power of the Internet will jumpstart interest in a potential WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP sequel. And you know what? He's right! I would love to see these guys team up again. The pair recreated their chemistry in the mediocre buddy cop movie MONEY TRAIN and are due for another big screen romp together. Maybe the pair can partner up for the second season of TRUE DETECTIVE?

So, what do you say? Are you interested in a sequel to WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP?

Extra Tidbit: Nothing makes me feel quite as old as realizing a movie I saw when it hit VHS at my local video store is now 22 years old.
Source: Total Film



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