Wesley Snipes says "there's only one" Blade

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to explode, fans around the web continue to fantasize about which characters could make their way into the universe. For years comic book nerds of all sorts have wanted the leather-clad Blade worked into the movies somehow, with lots of dream casting options making the rounds. But original BLADE actor, Wesley Snipes, is hearing none of it, and as far as he’s concerned there will only ever be one Blade.

Though there is no talk about any sort of BLADE reboot, Snipes took to social media to poke fun at the fact he still gets asked about who he thinks could handle the role well. The 55-year-old actor still thinks he’s got some vampire ass-kicking left in him, and I very much believe he’s right.

Even though there was the short-lived BLADE tv show with Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones in the lead role, there’s never been another iconic Blade, unlike with Batman, Spider-Man or Superman. There were rumblings of Marvel doing a new BLADE movie years ago when the rights went back to Marvel Studios, but there haven't been any recent developments. Even if there was, Marvel would most likely recast. Not only would they want someone younger, but there would also be the issue of whether or not to make the three movies Snipes appeared in apart of the MCU canon, or if they would pretend they didn’t exist.

I’m a fan of Snipes Blade and would be so down to see him wielding the sword again. Who says it needs to be apart of some big universe? Just one more for the road, with an old, tired Blade fighting one last batch of supernatural baddies. Comic books fans would love it, and it's not like Blade has the same kind of broad appeal that Iron Man does. It could be gritty and R-rated and totally amazing. Snipes is still in shape, and if the leather fits, let him wear it!

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