What the hell is JK Rowling plotting with "Pottermore"?

Mysterious things are happening on the internet today as JK Rowling opened up a new website, Twitter page and YouTube channel teasing something called "Pottermore."

The website is only a coming soon page, the Twitter has two tweets, and the YouTube page isn't actually functional, but it is counting down to a "big announcement in about a week" from JK Rowling herself.

Now, a few cautionary notes. Scholastic, the book publisher, has come out and said that no, this is not a new book, crushing any dreams you might have of seeing the further adventures of Harry Potter. Also note that this is very close to the release of the final film, and the whole thing could be a viral marketing stunt.

Harry Potter has eight movies, video games, a theme park, what else could he possibly get if not another book? Though "it's not a book" is probably exactly what I would say if I wanted people to think that it wasn't a book, even if it was.

So, any sleuthing on those sites turn anything up? What are your theories?

Extra Tidbit: Don't even tell me you couldn't craft a new series based on the end of the final book. Just do it Rowling!
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