What will you be watching this weekend? (September 14)

Watchoo Watchin'?!

Finally! The work week is over and you’ll have some free time to relax, crack a cold one, pop that corn and nuke some ‘chos all in the noble pursuit of cinematic entertainment! Every Friday, we'd like to hear what everyone will be watching over the weekend, whether it be on TV, DVD and Blu-ray or in theaters.

So what's on your movie agenda this weekend? Here's what I'm thinking about watching...


The MasterThe nearest IMAX theater may be a five hour roundtrip from where I live but I just may have to load up the wagon and head north to check out THE MASTER on glorious 70MM just as director Paul Thomas Anderson intended. Everything I have seen and heard about this Joaquin Phoenix/Philip Seymour Hoffman flick is just completely intriguing to me. Everything from the rumored Scientology undertones, Phoenix's return to form, the adorable Amy Adams in a not so adorable role to this scene that surfaced a few days back online make me need to see THE MASTER. If I do manage to make the roadtrip I expect to be utterly enthralled, it seems that I won't be the only one if our TIFF review is anything to go by.

When I was in middle school I remember staying up late playing the Resident Evil games, probably the only games that actually had me jumping out of fright (it may have just been the copious amounts of Mt. Dew) but I never really got into the movie franchise. So I'll probably pass on RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION this weekend in favor of some lighter fare.

Enter FINDING NEMO 3D! I've never been a fan of 3D in general (especially post-converted) but when used effectively it can be fun and I think FINDING NEMO 3D could be just that. It doesn't hurt that I'm always a sucker for Pixar on the big screen anyway. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming ...

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The Doctor is in.On the TV front I'm going to be all over the place this weekend; sci-fi/western mashups to sketch comedy, should be fun!

Want to know a shameful secret? I've only watched one complete episode of DOCTOR WHO. Oh, I definitely liked it but I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of episodes I'd have to catch up on and kind of bailed without giving The Doc his due (unforgivable, I know). This weekend's new episode, however, is very enticing and plays right into my love for the campy 1973 Yul Brynner sci-fi/western classic WESTWORLD in that The Doctor finds himself a sheriff of a frontier town being menaced by an evil cyborg gunfighter. Yeah, I'm going to have to watch this.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is definitely hit or miss these days but I always look forward to a fresh season, especially if there has been a decent cast shake-up. Seth McFarlane is hosting with musical guest Frank Ocean to kick off the 38th season of SNL. I really liked McFarlane's first feature, TED, a lot more than I expected and I'm really excited to see the new SNL roster in the wake of Kristin Wiig and Andy Samburg's departure.

Are you ready for some football?! Yup, the NFL season has kicked off but that's never really been my bag as I generally prefer college sports over professional. That said I'll definitely be tuning in to root on my school's football team this weekend. Go Cougs!



Titanic BDCue the Celine Dion ...

Earlier this week, 100 years after the real H.M.S. Titanic Disaster, James Cameron's 1997 epic romance TITANIC hit Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D shelves. The only other copy of TITANIC I have is an old two-cassette VHS set so I think it may be time for an upgrade. While I can't say I am a huge fan of this flick I can admire everything that went into the making of the final product and the 20 minutes of sheer terror should look and sound excellent on Blu-ray. If all else fails I hear Billy Zane really pops in hi-def!

How can you not instantly want to buy the Awfully Good worthy KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE if you saw it on a Blu-ray shelf? This cult-classic schlockfest is exactly as insane as it's title suggests and in my experience is the perfect party movie.

No other new releases have really caught my eye this week but that very well could be because my mind and body are preparing for a certain archeologist-adventurer's exploits to hit Blu-ray ... but more on that next week!

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Extra Tidbit: What's the furthest you've ever traveled to see a specific movie? For me it was a 9-hour roundtrip to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES in true IMAX. Worth it!
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