Which of these three actresses will transcend the audition room and join the cast of Transcendence opposite Johnny Depp?

TRANSCENDENCE is swiftly becoming the next big sci-fi project to keep an eye on, if it hasn't usurped that position already - with Christopher Nolan producing, Johnny Depp starring, Nolan's go-to cinematographer Wally Pfister making his directorial debut, and a rather wild sounding plot that transcends the boundary between technology and humanity, it's a project that most any anyone with a creative bone in their body would want to be involved in.

And to that end, the competition for which actress will Johnny Depp as the film's female lead is just about to come to a head: by Friday we will know which of the following three actresses has made the final cut and scored the part, with the wonderful part of it all being that we win no matter which actress is picked.

Because when the remaining three choices are Rebecca Hall (IRON MAN 3 ,THE TOWN, THE PRESTIGE), Rooney Mara (THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, SIDE EFFECTS), and Emily Blunt (LOOPER, THE WOLFMAN, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU)? That's when you know you have it good, as they're all uniquely beautiful and uniformly talented.  Unfarily so on both fronts, in fact.  There's the small chance that Blunt's potential availability may be affected due to her commitments regarding ALL YOU NEED IS KILL, but again, you can expect the decision to be made by Friday as production is meant to start comparatively soon on March 4th.

So the question of course becomes - which actress would you choose?

Emily Blunt, Rooney Mara, Rebecca Hall

Extra Tidbit: If the only reason Blunt didn't get the part was scheduling, it would sadly be her second time in such a situation - she originally had the part of Black Widow in IRON MAN II until her two-picture commitment to Fox came up and she had to do GULLIVER'S TRAVELS instead. Though that may also have just been the studio jealously refusing to play ball.



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