Whimsical French trailer for Michel Gondry's Mood Indigo starring Audrey Tautou

Michel Gondry, the surrealistic director of ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, is back on the scene with the French film, MOOD INDIGO (aka L'écume des jours), which is based on the novel (which translates to Froth on the Daydream) by Boris Vian. The book has been adapted three separate times and as a film and also as an opera.  The film stars Audrey Tautou (AMELIE) and Romain Duris as a recently married couple who have their whole lives ahead of them when tragedy befalls them.  Tautou's character, Chloe, falls ill with a water lily in her lung, a rare condition that can only be treated by surrounding her with flowers.  The expense of doing so is exhaustive and eventually her husband runs out of money.

The novel description is every bit as ecclectic and odd as any Michel Gondry film, so it's perfectly suited to the enigmatic director.  Anyone who has seen a Gondry film will immediately know if it's for them or not.  Well, especially if it's THE GREEN HORNET.  This looks more like a return to his wild and imaginitive style and this looks to be a fun, crazy, and emotional pic.  Also, it has The Lumineer's "Ho Hey" playing underneath, so you know it's good. 

Get Whimsy:

MOOD INDIGO opens in France on April 24, 2013 with a U.S. release date not yet set, but likely will see a debut sometime this year.

Extra Tidbit: Gondry also directed Be Kind Rewind, a film I always wanted to be better than what it was. Anyone out there want to vouch for me to give it another go?



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