Who is Keith Lemon? Find out in this teaser trailer

In England, he is a well known name. But, here in the US, almost no one has any idea who Keith Lemon is. I had to check out Wikipedia and YouTube to learn that the character is easily distinguished by his camp demeanor, exaggerated Yorkshire accent, bleached mullet, ginger mustache and fake tan. Lemon's background is that of a failed businessman, who was most successful in 1993, when he won the prestigious Businessman of the Year award for his innovative creation, the securi-pole. He makes appearances on several television reality shows. But, he is also a fictional character portrayed by comedian Leigh Francis.

Now Francis will be portraying the character in a movie simply titled KEITH LEMON: THE FILM. I am not sure from the teaser if this is going to be a fictional comedy or something more along the lines of BORAT. Whatever route the film takes, it does benefit from having the delicious Kelly Brook offer to let Lemon "smash her backdoors in."

No word on whether or not the film will get a North American release, but it opens in England this August. And now, here are some photos of Kelly Brook just because I can.

Extra Tidbit: I would smash Kelly Brook's backdoors in, anytime.
Source: YouTube



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