Will James Franco join Kate Hudson in another Linda Lovelace biopic?

It's a good thing James Franco can rock the creepy rape 'stache, because according to Deadline, the prolific actor is currently in discussions to play pornographer Chuck Traynor in the film LOVELACE, a biopic covering the tumultuous life of DEEP THROAT star Linda Lovelace.

Kate Hudson has been offered the title role in the film which is an adaptation of the Eric Danville book The Complete Linda Lovelace. As mentioned, Franco would play Traynor who was a pornographer and Lovelace's husband during the time when she starred in the notorious 1972 porn blockbuster DEEP THROAT. Traynor was accused of a multitude of very serious and sick things, including having forced Lovelace into prostitution and gang rape while at gunpoint.

I should note that LOVELACE is an entirely different beast from INFERNO, the Lovelace project that at point starred Lindsey Lohan and now has Malin Akerman attached. Both films are said to be struggling to find funding.
Extra Tidbit: Oscar noms are going to be announced later this morning. Think Franco's got a shot with 127 HOURS?
Source: Deadline



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