Winstone is a pimp

For all the movies I’ve seen, I haven’t seen a lot more than once. There are just so many films that have been made that I find it almost counter-productive to re-watch movies unless I really, really love them. THE PROPOSITION, written by Australian music legend Nick Cave and directed by John Hillcoat, was one of those films. I was seeing a girl a few months ago, and she wanted to watch a movie, so I suggested THE PROPOSITION, even though I had already seen it. She loved it (and I loved her).

Now it looks like the writing and directing duo are re-teaming with PROPOSITION star Ray Winstone for a new film called DEATH OF A LADIES’ MAN. Winstone recently spoke to the MTV Movies blog while promoting his new film BEOWULF, and said that LADIES’ MAN is about a traveling salesman who is addicted to sex and uses his beauty products to meet women. Sounds sexy. Hillcoat is set to direct the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD next, and will presumably segue into LADIES’ MAN after that.

With his role in THE DEPARTED, the upcoming BEOWULF, and the fourth INDIANA JONES movie next summer, Winstone is well on his way to becoming a household name stateside. He spoke about a few other projects, including a follow-up by the makers of SEXY BEAST, which you can read more about HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Winstone's role in SEXY BEAST is what brought him to the attention of the American film industry.
Source: MTV Movies



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