Wookieepedia alert

Wookieepedia Wookieepedia, the Wiki-based online STAR WARS encyclopedia, has been around for a couple of years now but seeing as how we missed the boat when it was first announced, we decided to shine a spotlight on it now in the hope that there's one or two of you out there who aren't currently shaking your heads, smacking your foreheads and thinking "Jeeesus, could you be a little more late on this, guys?" but rather are thinking "Wookieepedia? Awesome!" In the two years since its inception, it's become quite the compendium of all things STAR WARS so if there's anything related to this expansive universe that's been gnawing at your soul for longer than you'd care to talk about and that you've been unable to find on any other STAR WARS-related site or if you're simply tired of being mocked for your laughable paucity of STAR WARS knowledge, you'll likely find answers and, most importantly, redemption at Wookieepedia.

Extra Tidbit: There's currently 47,916 articles (and counting) posted.
Source: WookieepediaVariety



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