Worms come to f*ck sh*t up on the Nintendo Switch with Worms W.M.D.!

Oh man I love WORMS! I played this shit with my brothers on Genesis, and then every incarnation since then! My favorite thing was to name all the worms my friend's names and seeing who could survive the longest. I also would always get giddy when I was allowed to control the exploding sheep and take some mofos out.

Anyway the newest WORMS sequel - WORMS W.M.D. that came out last year - is now coming to the Nintendo Switch! And with that are some new features which will be exclusive to the console:

* A brand new theme – Space!

* Two new Forts – Mushroom and Tree House.

*New customisations including three new outfits and three new gravestones to mourn the passing of your portable invertebrate pals.

I for one can't wait...to get a Nintendo Switch, because right now I can't play it. Or maybe I can force my friend Fazio to buy this so I can play it at his house...

Anyway, WORMS W.M.D. will blow up your Nintendo Switch with a holy hand grenade later this year!

Extra Tidbit: So Schmoes, what was your favorite weapon, and why was it the cluster grenade?
Source: YouTube



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