Worthington to star in Universal's Dracula: Year Zero?

Sam Worthington is probably the most famous actor that most people still don't know. Try this. Go ask your mom if she knows who Sam Worthington is and I guarantee 95% of moms have no idea. I'm not saying moms are the be all, end all of recognition but I think you get my gist. But now that AVATAR is the biggest movie since, well ever, expect Worthington's star to rise even further to the point where your parents might have some idea who he is!

Case in point: the scoop hounds at Latino Review have word that Worthington has signed on to star in DRACULA: YEAR ZERO for director Alex Proyas and Universal. With WOLFMAN set to open in mid-February and probably the first film to knock-off AVATAR as the #1 movie at the box-office, the studio is looking to relaunch a number of their classic Universal Monsters. You can expect the corny YEAR ZERO subtitle to be dropped and have this movie just be a classic DRACULA movie.

Latino's source says the studio is looking to get the movie in theaters next summer, which would mean production would need to be getting underway this spring (likely after Worthington wraps his promotional work on CLASH OF THE TITANS). I like the idea of a new DRACULA movie in the vein of the new WOLFMAN movie but Sam Worthington? He just doesn't seem very Dracula to me (unless he's playing Van Helsing). What do you think of the idea?

Extra Tidbit: Up next for Universal: BOO BERRY: THE MOVIE. (Though I am partial to Fruity Pebbles...)
Source: Latino Review



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