Yeah science! Mythbusters will do a Breaking Bad themed episode

I'm going to say it again...YEAH SCIENCE!

Two very awesome shows are coming together in the name of science-- BREAKING BAD and MYTHBUSTERS. Can you even imagine the possibilities here? Sadly for now, it seems that they will only be testing stuff from season one.

MYTHBUSTERS host and one of my favorite gingers, Adam Savage talked about how they've been wanting to do an episode like this, “We’ve been wanting to do a Breaking Bad episode for awhile. Obviously there’s a lot of fertile material to play with, so things that happen on the show have been ending up on our list of stories to tackle for a couple years now. And when Vince said in an interview that he’d love to see a Mythbusters/Breaking Bad crossover, we reached out to him directly and the response was overwhelming positive.”

What will Savage and the epically bearded, Jamie Hyneman be doing for their first test?

Savage and co-host Jamie Hyneman will test the science from a scene in season 1 of Bad, in which Paul’s Jesse Pinkman uses hydrofluoric acid to dissolve a body but ignores instructions from Walt (Bryan Cranston) to use a plastic container. Jesse places the body in a bathtub instead and the acid eats right through the tub, which winds up falling through the floor. “Hydrofluoric acid is terrifying stuff,” notes Savage. “It’s not quite like alien blood, which is what a lot of people think when they think of powerful acids. It’s poisonous in a way that is completely unique and very disturbing.”

Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara will do another experiment from the first season, but are keeping that one to themselves. There were originally plans to do three experiments, however, they said the first two were already very "meaty". “There’s easily one more if not a couple more Breaking Bad [inspired] episodes,” says Savage. “Those guys have been so much fun with technology and science that there’s a lot that we could do with them.”

There's only so much they can do though. Don't expect them to do anything involving the meth or anything that could help someone break the law. Does that mean magnets are out of the question? “We’re going to push the limit of humor about this as far as we can, and it’s a difficult line because Mythbusters is a family show,” says Savage. “A lot of people watch it with their kids, and yet we’re doing with a collaboration with pretty much the least family-oriented show on television right now, about a science teacher turned drug manufacturer who kills people. At the same time, they’re very committed to getting the scene right on that show. The fact that those guys love science and they want us to test their stuff — and they don’t care whether we bust it or not, they want to actually know the answer — that’s our favorite kind of collaboration.”

Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see the MYTHBUSTERS test from BREAKING BAD?
Source: EW



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