Upcoming comedy Identity Thief steals two more actors to join Jason Batemen and Melissa McCarthy

Jason Bateman close-up

Melissa McCarthy close up

It's a bit curious that we so recently reported about two of the actors from HORRIBLE BOSSES reuniting, as today brings more news about the planned reteaming of Jason Batemen and director Seth Gordon.  Written by Steve Conrad (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS) and Craig Mazin (THE HANGOVER II), the original script is called IDENTITY THIEF and "centers on a milquetoast family man (Bateman) who gets a life-lesson in stepping up when his identity is stolen by a mess of a woman."  In a bit of excellent casting, that "mess of a woman" will be played by Melissa McCarthy (BRIDESMAIDS).

So the new news on this day is that John Cho, currently filming STAR TREK 2, is set to step in "as a rising investment exec who is starting his own firm and wants Bateman to join him," while Clark Duke (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE) has signed on to play "an Eagle Scout who, along with his buddies, is on a secret revenge mission to find the man who bilked him."

How exactly McCarthy plans to steal Bateman's identity is still something of a mystery to me.  Unless I completely don't understand how identity theft works, it seems to me that there are quite a few ways in which McCarthy and Bateman are about as opposite as can be.  But I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Identity Theft PSA

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Jason Bateman comedy that isn't "Arrested Development?"



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