Your mother wants you to look at these shots of Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud

David Cronenberg's great cinematic love affair with Viggo Mortensen continues in the upcoming A DANGEROUS METHOD. When you first hear that title, you might think he’s returning Viggo to a world of ultraviolence as in A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and EASTERN PROMISES, where he was a gangster killing gangsters left and right in the most brutal ways possible. 

But not so, METHOD is the story of the relationship between Carl Jung and Sigmund Freued, and how it spawned the practice psychoanalysis. Mortensen is Freud and Michael Fassbender is Jung, with Keira Knightley thrown into the mix for good measure,

These are the first shots from the set below, and they show the two leads in costume. The strip above shows you just how much they look like the actual historical figures they're portraying, and as this is Cronenberg, who seldom does wrong, this should be a film we’re all eagerly anticipating.

Click on the pictures below to see more from the set over at Kinogallery.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still not sure if this is called A DANGEROUS METHOD or THE TALKING CURE these days, but I'm going with IMDB.
Source: Kinogallery



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