Netflix’s The Punisher teaser busts heads and cement

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Over the last few years, I’ve grown into less and less of a Marvel fan. Nothing against the quality programming they are putting out on the regular. It’s just that I’m on superhero overload and could basically care less at this point. But there are a few exceptions.

Case in point, Netflix’s upcoming solo series based on THE PUNISHER.

The first solo season of THE WALKING DEAD‘s Shane (Jon Bernthal) as Frank Castle is set to debut this Fall and I’m more excited than if The Avengers joined forces with The Defenders to take on The Suicide Squad (or whatever). 

If you’re like me and find yourself counting down the days until the debut of THE PUNISHER on Netflix then I have a little something special to get you by until that day. Here is the new teaser trailer and it features a slick payoff for all that cement-busting.

Give it a watch below and then make sure to let us know how excited you are for THE PUNISHER by hitting us up in the new comments section below, or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Netflix’s THE PUNISHER debuts this Fall!

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