Pieces vinyl soundtrack coming from Arrow Video/Music!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Oh, this is just glorious. 

Now, I'm not one of those dudes that buy into the whole "vinyl sounds better" thing – and truthfully have never owned so much as a Raffi record on vinyl (just not my thing) – but I have to say that I super f*cking dig the artwork and love put into these releases.

The newest, and possibly coolest, one is the splatter-classic PIECES, whose soundtrack is getting the vinyl treatment courtesy of Arrow Video and their new subdivision Arrow Music.

Check out all the pics and info below!

Rundown via Arrow Video Facebook:

It's exactly what you think it is…

Drop that chainsaw and join us in welcoming our brand new venture… Arrow Records!

To kick things off, we've teamed up with Zavvi to bring you PIECES! This release will be limited to 500 copies and is up for pre-order now!

You can pre-order your copy HERE.

After pre-ordering your copy make sure to hit us up in the comments below or on social media and let us know how excited you are to own this PIECES vinyl on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Source: Arrow Video

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