Red State 2: Lionsgate has asked Kevin Smith to make a sequel to his 2011 horror thriller

A couple months ago, Kevin Smith announced that he will be making a sequel 2014 horror film Tusk (watch it HERE) for the film’s tenth anniversary, a sequel that he’s planning to call Tusk$. And that’s not the only horror sequel he has in the works. Slash Film reports that, during a Q&A at an Austin, Texas screening of Clerks III, Smith is also going to be making a sequel to his 2011 horror debut Red State (watch that one HERE)! Red State 2 will be happening because distributor Lionsgate (who also financed Clerks III) specifically requested that he make the sequel.

Smith said, “(Lionsgate was) like, if we do this, would you do it again? And I was like, yeah, in a heartbeat. […] I mean, obviously, Michael Parks is gone. But it’s just a story of crazy people with guns and shit like that. As long as I could use John Goodman again, I could make a hundred f*cking Red States. And I’m like, let’s do it. So we’re gonna make one.

Smith also explained why the first Red State has been out of print for a while: “The good folks at Lionsgate, they put out Red State on DVD years ago. And the deal lapsed, and the people that own Red State, the two financiers, weren’t from the world of film. One was from the world of fashion, one was a Canadian financier … So when Lionsgate reached out about renewing, they got no response back from the copyright holders. I could tell them as much as I wanted ’til I was blue in the face. Like, ‘No, renew it!’ But I didn’t own it. They did. So it just fell into a spam folder and fell out of circulation. Because we did this movie (Clerks III), we were talking to go home video. [Lionsgate’s] like, ‘Hey man, how come you guys wouldn’t re-up Red State with us?’ And I was like, ‘They still didn’t get back to you?’ [Lionsgate] goes no, we’ve been trying for years. So we put it all back together.

The first Red State has the following synopsis:

Three horny teenagers — Travis, Jarod, and Billy-Ray — can’t believe their luck when they meet a woman online who says she wants to hook up with all three of them at once. But the promise of sex is a trap, and the boys find themselves in the hands of Abin Cooper, a lunatic preacher who spews so much hatred that even neo-Nazis stay away. Cooper means to kill the trio for their sins, prompting a desperate bid for escape.

The film stars Michael Parks, John Goodman, Michael Angarano, Kyle Gallner, Nicholas Braun, Melissa Leo, Kerry Bishé, Stephen Root, Kevin Pollak, James Parks, Betty Aberlin, Anna Gunn, and Ralph Garman. Apparently Smith intends to bring Goodman back as ATF Special Agent Joe Keenan for Red State 2.

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Source: Slash Film

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