Return to Silent Hill teaser trailer reveals first footage from Christophe Gans video game movie

A short teaser trailer for director Christophe Gans’ video game adaptation Return to Silent Hill has made its way online

Return to Silent Hill

There was talk that Brotherhood of the Wolf and Silent Hill director Christophe Gans’ new Silent Hill movie Return to Silent Hill, which is said to be “totally independent from the two previous movies,” would be having its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month, but that’s not exactly what happened. What actually happened was that there was a private screening of the film for potential distributors. We don’t know how that went, but we are benefiting from the film’s search for distributors. The first image made its way online a couple weeks ago (that can be seen above), and now a teaser trailer has made its way online. You can check that out right here:

Gans directed the 2006 version of Silent Hill from a screenplay he wrote with Roger Avary and Nicolas Boukhrief, and directed this new film from a screenplay he wrote with Sandra Vo-Anh and Will Schneider. Based on the video game Silent Hill 2Return to Silent Hill follows James, a man broken after being separated from his one true love. When a mysterious letter calls him back to Silent Hill in search of her, he finds a once-recognizable town transformed by an unknown evil. As James descends deeper into the darkness, he encounters terrifying figures both familiar and new and begins to question his own sanity as he struggles to make sense of reality and hold on long enough to save his lost love.

The film stars Jeremy Irvine (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) and Hannah Emily Anderson (Jigsaw).

Return to Silent Hill was produced by Victor Hadida, Molly Hassell, and David Wulf. When the project was heading into production, Gans provided the following statement: “Return to Silent Hill is a mythological love story about someone so deeply in love, they’re willing to go to Hell to save someone. I’m delighted to have the wonderful talents of both Jeremy Irvine and Hannah Emily Anderson take us on this journey into a psychological horror world that I hope will both satisfy and surprise fans of Silent Hill.

Hadida added: “Christophe and I have been working closely with our partners at KONAMI, as they update the video game, to also create a version of Silent Hill for the theatrical audiences of today. You will still find the iconic monsters – but there will also be new designs. We are confident that this new film and KONAMI’s updated game together will propel the Silent Hill franchise forward for years to come.

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