Scott Wampler, co-host of Stephen King podcast The Kingcast, dies

Scott Wampler, co-host of Stephen King fan podcast The Kingcast, has sadly passed away, with fellow host Eric Vespe sharing the news.

Last Updated on June 3, 2024

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Scott Wampler, a co-host on the Stephen King-centric podcast The Kingcast, has sadly passed away. Wampler’s expertise, delivery and chemistry with Eric Vespe was some of the finest in dual-hosted entertainment podcasts, only highlighting the massive loss.

As Vespe posted on social media, “Scott Wampler passed away today. He was my friend, co-host, and partner in crime. I’m still in shock. I don’t know many details, but I know it was sudden and he was with friends.” He added, “I don’t know what to say right now other than he was a singular presence. Hunter Thompson would have called him ‘one of God’s own prototypes, a high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production.’ That’s the Scott I knew. Hilarious, infuriating, singular.”

The likes of Guillermo del Toro, Elijah Wood and Mike Flanagan – who have all been guests on The Kingcast – equally expressed their sadness over the loss of Scott Wampler. As Wood – who appeared on the podcast to discuss Misery – put it, “Oh man…Scott Wampler was a truly singular force; passionate, hilarious and loved by everyone who knew him. My heart is with his friends and family. What a shocking loss.” Meanwhile, Flanagan – who appeared on multiple episodes of the show and has adapted numerous King works – wrote, “I am absolutely gutted, shocked, and devastated to learn that Scott Wampler has passed away. He was a force, a friend, a collaborator, and one hell of a fantastic individual. I can’t find the words.” King himself also shared his sympathies:

Outside of The Kingcast, Scott Wampler also contributed to Fangoria, which paid tribute to him on their website. He, too, leant his stylings to the likes of Birth. Movies. Death. and Collider. Wampler was an easy writer and mind to enjoy and learn something from, proving to be a true voice in the overpopulated world of podcasts. No doubt he is missed by listeners, readers, collaborators, and celebrities.

No details about Wampler’s death have been released, although Fangoria did note that he passed away suddenly and without suffering.

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Source: Fangoria

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