Shaun of the Dead 2: Simon Pegg tells fans hoping for the horror comedy sequel to move on

Simon Pegg says fans hoping and waiting for Shaun of the Dead 2 need to forget about the idea of a sequel and move on

A lot of fans have been clamoring for a sequel to the 2004 zombie romantic comedy Shaun of the Dead (watch or own it HERE) from the moment they first saw the end credits on that film to start to roll. We here at JoBlo even pitched an idea for a follow-up with an episode of our video series Show Me the Sequel! But while Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg admitted that he once “jokingly” wrote a treatment for a sequel that would have been called From Dusk Till Shaun, because Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright “thought it would be funny to do the film again, but with vampires”, he and Wright have both made it clear over the years that they really have no interest in making a sequel. And during a new interview with The Guardian, Pegg has said it’s time for fans to let go of their Shaun of the Dead 2 hopes and move on.

Directed by Wright from a screenplay he and Pegg wrote together, Shaun of the Dead has the following synopsis: Shaun is a 30-something loser with a dull, easy existence. When he’s not working at the electronics store, he lives with his slovenly best friend, Ed, in a small flat on the outskirts of London. The only unpredictable element in his life is his girlfriend, Liz, who wishes desperately for Shaun to grow up and be a man. When the town is inexplicably overrun with zombies, Shaun must rise to the occasion and protect both Liz and his mother.

Pegg plays Shaun, and was joined in the cast by Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, and Penelope Wilton.

Speaking with The Guardian, Pegg said, “If I ever do an Instagram Live or whatever, people are always like, ‘I need Shaun of the Dead 2 in my life.’ And I’m like, ‘No, you don’t f*cking need Shaun of the Dead 2! The last thing you need is Shaun of the Dead 2! It’s done. Move on!’

Pegg and Wright had done the television series Spaced together before working on Shaun of the Dead, and went on to make the buddy cop movie Hot Fuzz and the alien invasion film The World’s End together. They do intend to make another movie together at some point, but Pegg says, “Whatever Edgar and I do next, we’re not going to rely on what we’ve done before. I like the idea of pissing people off. There’s something fun about torching everything. Everything that people think we are, that’s what we won’t be. We should just do something that no one’s expecting… but no one wants!

Having you been hoping for Shaun of the Dead 2, or did you already move on from the idea? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

Shaun of the Dead

Source: The Guardian

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