Spawn reboot: Todd McFarlane says 2024 is a make or break year for the project

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane says 2024 is a make or break year when it comes to the long-awaited cinematic reboot

Sixteen years have passed since Spawn creator Todd McFarlane announced he was going to make sure a new Spawn movie was going to be made, even if he had to produce, direct, and finance it himself. Blumhouse Productions has been helping McFarlane develop the project since 2017, and even though he had written a script himself, they’ve also hired multiple screenwriters to do further work on the script. Blumhouse founder Jason Blum has said he’s hoping Spawn will be released sometime in 2025… and during a new interview with, McFarlane said he considers 2024 to be the “make or break” year for Hollywood’s involvement with the reboot. If the movie doesn’t go into production this year, he’s turning to outside investors.

Here’s McFarlane’s quote: “2024 is gonna be my make or break anyways, right? Either I’m gonna give Hollywood the best chance to do it and, if not, I’ve got plenty of outside investors waiting. So I’m trying to see if we can make the right deal within the norm of the Hollywood structure. If not, there have been plenty of examples, actually, a couple big ones last year, where people went outside the normal channels and succeeded. And people have done this before with independent movies: you make your movie and you just find a distributor. That one, I could do in a heartbeat. Fingers crossed, I’m gonna give as much of an effort to those that live within the confines of it. Obviously, Jason Blum is one of the better ones at getting things done. They tell me I get to read the script this month, so the email’s going out this week to remind them that they promised me that. Something’s gotta happen, something’s gonna happen, I just know myself. Something’s gonna happen because if I can’t figure it out inside, I’ll figure it out outside. I just know myself. But, hopefully, we can figure out a deal that keeps all the parties that have been involved over the years involved.

Jamie Foxx has been attached to play Spawn in the new film since 2018. For a while, Jeremy Renner was attached to play homicide detective Maximilian “Twitch” Williams III, and we heard the movie might focus on Twitch after he loses his daughter to gang violence. He then begins his quest for revenge by enlisting the help of his ex-partner Danny to aid in his investigation of the criminal factions in New York. Twitch quickly realizes he’s in over his head as he learns that two of the largest organizations are teaming up to take over the criminal underworld of the city. That’s where Spawn comes in. Twitch is visited by Al, a mysterious man who has knowledge of his daughter’s death. It quickly becomes clear that Al is not who he appears to be as he reveals himself to be Spawn, a messenger from Hell who can aid Twitch in his search for justice. But that was several years ago, so the story could be completely different by this point.

Spawn previously received a feature film adaptation in 1997, but that movie didn’t go over very well. There was a well regarded animated series that ran for three seasons – and McFarlane has previously said he’s hoping to get some new animated Spawn projects off the ground.

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