Stalag-X: Francis Lawrence to direct adaptation of sci-fi graphic novel about a prison camp run by aliens

Francis Lawrence, the director of Constantine, I Am Legend, and three of the Hunger Games movies, has signed on to direct an adaptation of the graphic novel Stalag-X, which is about a prison camp run by alien creatures. The film will center on

a reclusive human soldier imprisoned in an alien POW camp on a harsh distant planet in the midst of a decade-long interstellar conflict. Believing that his mind holds the key to turning the tide in the war, the alien Krael force him to endure mind-bending experiments that rip into the deepest recesses of his traumatic memories, which they hope will yield an answer to the question: what is human?

The graphic novel was a collaboration between bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson, screenwriter Steven L. Sears, and artist Mike Ratera. Anderson and Sears will not be handling the adaptation themselves; instead, the movie’s script is being written by Joy Wilkinson, who has previously written multiple episodes of the BBC series Doctors.

Stalag-X is set up at New Republic Pictures. The company’s founder Brian Oliver and president Bradley Fischer are producing the film alongside Francis Lawrence and Cameron MacConomy of about:blank.

Lawrence provided the following statement to Deadline:

When I first read Stalag-X, I was immediately drawn to the rich, unique world that Kevin and Steven created. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Joy to bring their graphic novel to life on screen alongside Brian and Brad, who, as champions of bold storytelling, are the perfect partners for this.”

Have you read Stalag-X? If not, copies of the 160 page graphic novel can be purchased at THIS LINK. If so, leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the plan to turn the story into a movie.

I haven’t read the graphic novel myself, but the story of a human soldier being tortured by alien captors sounds terrifying.


Source: Deadline

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