The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

  • Theatrical - Wide 2012-11-16

Despite Bella’s qualms about marrying young, she and Edward wed. Although human, Bella discovers during their honeymoon that she has become pregnant with her vampire husband’s child. Edward wishes to terminate the pregnancy, due to the fact that the unborn child is slowly killing Bella while it grows, but Bella refuses, determined give birth to their baby. While in labor, Edward is forced to save Bella’s life by injecting vampire venom straight into her heart, changing her into a vampire. Meanwhile, Jacob Black sees their half-human, half-vampire child, Reneesme, and imprints on her. Bella takes to her new vampire life with ease, and their little happy family begins to take shape. Then, one day on a hunt with her daughter, Bella spots Irina, a vampiress from a coven in Alaska. Irina sees Reneesme, and believing her to be an immortal child (an extremely illegal creation in the vampire world) goes straight to the Volturi in Italy. Alice forsees that the entire Volturi are coming to Forks to destroy them. The Cullens are forced to call on all of their allies around the world to bear witness that Reneesme is not an immortal child, and that she grows like a human. Because of Jacobs imprintation on Reneesme, the wolf pack also pledge to protect and fight for her if necessary. Jasper and Alice leave without explanation, so the remaining Cullens reluctantly go on with their plans without them. In the midst of introducing Reneesme to all of their guests that come to bear witness for them, Bella discovers her latent vampire power- she has the ability to act as a shield. When the Volturi finally arrive, they find a large group of witnesses waiting to prove that Reneesme is not immortal. Although finally convinced of the Cullens innocence in this matter, Aro of the Volturi still searches for a reason to exterminate the Cullen clan. Bella is able to shield their entire group from the onslaught of Volturi attack, and in the zero hour, Alice and Jasper finally arrive with another half-human, half-vampire from South America. The Cullens and their friends have proven once and for all that the Volturi have no rational reason to harm them, and seeing that they are evenly matched, the Volturi retreat. Bella, Edward, Reneesme, and the rest of the Cullens celebrate their victory.

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