Terrifier 3: Chris Jericho says he won’t be in the movie very long

Chris Jericho is getting ready for his role in Terrifier 3, but warns that he won’t be in the movie for very long

Writer/director Damien Leone had a budget of around $55,000 to work with on the first Terrifier movie, and a budget of “a little over” $250,000 for Terrifier 2 – which was a massive hit when it was released last year, earning $15.1 million at the box office. Since the second film did so well, Terrifier 3 (which is scheduled to reach theatres on October 25, 2024) has a substantially higher budget. A “couple million” is going into this one, which is set to start filming around the beginning of February. Leone recently confirmed to Deadline that Chris Jericho, who made a cameo as a psychiatric hospital attendant in Terrifier 2, is going to be returning for the new sequel – and now, while talking to MovieWeb, Jericho said he won’t be in the movie for very long.

Leone told Deadline, “(Chris Jericho) is super excited. This one is going to pick up where part two left off, in the insane asylum, so, you’re going to see what transpires there, what mayhem unfolds, because seeing how Art and Victoria ended up, is so insane, and seeing how they get out of that situation and what happens next is going to be really wild. So, we have to get Chris back in there and see how he becomes a part of that situation.

Jericho, who is currently at the Slamdance Film Festival to promote The Death Tour, a wrestling documentary he produced, told MovieWeb, “I have seen the script (for Terrifier 3). I have already kind of done the [prep and prosthetics], the filming that they do when they’re taking molds of your face and all this sort of thing. So, suffice to say I don’t have a good, well, I don’t last very long. But it’s gonna be great. If you love Terrifier 2, you’re gonna love Terrifier 3 because it’s even better, it ups the ante even more.

Terrifier 3 has the following synopsis: Art the Clown is set to unleash chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

David Howard Thornton will be reprising the role of Art the Clown, while Lauren LaVera will be back as Terrifier 2 heroine Sienna and Elliot Fullam returns as Sienna’s brother Jonathan. Samantha Scaffidi is returning as Terrifier and Terrifier 2 character Victoria.

Are you looking forward to seeing Chris Jericho in Terrifier 3, even if he doesn’t last very long? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below.

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Source: MovieWeb

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