Terrifier 3 will be gory and depraved, but shorter and less mystical than part 2

Writer/director Damien Leone says Terrifier 3 will be shorter and less mystical than the second movie, but still gory and depraved

I really liked the first Terrifier, but I didn’t like Terrifier 2, as I was put off by its excessive 138 minute running time and its dive into the supernatural. Writer/director Damien Leone has said (in the interview you can watch in the embed above) that those supernatural elements are going to be fully explained in Terrifier 3 – but I’m also very glad to hear that he has said (in an interview with Movieweb) that the next sequel is going to be shorter and less mystical than part 2. While still being as gory and depraved as we expect a Terrifier movie to be.

When asked if the reception of Terrifier 2 had an impact on his approach to Terrifier 3, Leone told Movieweb, “Not too much. The only thing I’m very conscious of when going into Terrifier 3 is trying to make a film under two hours and pulling back slightly on the mystical/fantasy element that was so prevalent in part two. A fair amount of fans were dismissive of those two components, but I personally love the fantasy element surrounding Sienna, and it is crucial to her character and her metamorphosis as Art’s nemesis. That being said, there is a way to maintain that element thematically while not focusing on it too much visually.

This definitely raises my hopes for Terrifier 3.

Leone went on to say, “The gore or the special makeup effects have become an integral part of this franchise and topping the previous film’s big kill has become a staple. I want part three to be the goriest and most depraved of the franchise thus far, but I also want it to be the scariest. Gore only gets you so far, and I’m just as interested in crafting a chilling film that really gives you the willies. I want to approach the film as if no one has ever been introduced to Art the Clown yet in order to make him truly terrifying.

Terrifier 3 will be receiving a theatrical release on October 25, 2024. This entry in the franchise will see Art the Clown unleash chaos on the unsuspecting residents of Miles County as they peacefully drift off to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Are you looking forward to Terrifier 3? What do you think of it being shorter and less mystical than Terrifier 2, while still being gory and depraved? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Movieweb

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