The Best Slasher Movies Ever – 5 Great Ones!

Last Updated on February 23, 2023

The new episode of the Real Slashers video series looks back at director Wes Craven's 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Slasher films are everywhere these days. Every streaming platform seems to have their own franchise going, and new ones come out all the time. With Terrifier 2 coming soon and Halloween about eight weeks away, a bunch more are about to enter the arena. So, what are the best slasher movies ever?

Here is a list of some of the best. While a few of them are a bit obvious because we can’t skip on the classics, others will be harder to find titles that are absolutely worth looking for. Without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Slasher Movies Ever:

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Let’s start with the undisputed king, Mr. Wes Craven and his creation, the one and only Freddy Krueger. Now, why does this particular duo rule this sub-genre? Well, Craven established many rules with his take on the slasher and the multitude of sequels played fast and loose with these same rules. He himself even reinvented them quite a bit in New Nightmare. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a classic for a reason, It’s one of most effective films of its category with some truly creepy moments (that backstreet sequence with Tina) and some great kills (Glen and all that blood). It gave us Freddy, but it gave us one of the best Scream Queens of all time in Heather Langenkamp, and it still gives us the chills when watching it on a cold, dark night.

2. Hatchet II (2010)

Best Slasher Movies - Hatchet II

You read that right, Hatchet II and not Hatchet. While the first one established the character of Victor Crowley and set-up his world, part 2 is simply stronger. Maybe it’s due to the leading lady role being taken by Danielle Harris or perhaps because of all the horror folks’ cameos, but this one has a bunch to offer and has some truly great kills. Who doesn’t enjoy watching horror icons like Tony Todd and R.A. Mihailoff get severely maimed in their kill scenes? Adam Green’s second Hatchet film is one that solidified him as one of the nerds who made it. He knows his stuff and he’s not afraid to go for the kill. Adding to the kills, the humor is also on point.

3. Promenons-Nous Dans Les Bois (Deep in the Woods) (2000)

Best Slasher Movies - Deep In The Woods

A lesser-seen option on here that all should track down and see now. Go, we’ll wait! This French entry into the slasher genre makes great use of some typical French items such as the song the title is derived from, a remote castle, the woods, and some oddly entertaining theater actors. In this film by Lionel Delplanque, a group is hired to perform of a mute child’s birthday at a remote, almost empty castle. They love the paycheck coming, but will they all make it to cash in? Here, the atmosphere is palpable and the kills are surprising and brutal. The bear trap kill in particular is something that requires to be seen. For those familiar with French cinema and a few European actioners, a few known faces will come supplement the entertainment provided by the film.

4a. My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Best Slasher Movies - My Bloody Valentine

One of the proto-slashers, meaning it was an early entry in the genre, My Bloody Valentine wrote some of the rules and created a film that gets under your skin. Director George Mihalka who has since directed quite a bit of television comedy, creates here an atmosphere and a slow burn of a film that is still beloved by its fans to this day. Harry Warden is a blue-collar killer who wears his miner’s uniform, helmet and goggles included, to kill. His work is brutal, but perhaps a bit on the low end in terms of kill count. Nevertheless, he’s a classic and he helped establish a sub-genre in its early days.

4b. My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Best Slasher Movies - My Bloody Valentine 2009

Yes, a remake. Yes, we know. This one is worthy of a spot on the list (as opposed to the Elm Street remake about which the least said the better). This is a remake that is more like a sequel, or rather a “requel”. The O.G killer, Harry Warden is mentioned and his previous work is clearly something the town is familiar with. Here, director Patrick Lussier takes the original and builds from there, giving the small town a bit of a makeover simply due to the passing years and giving the viewer a cast of people they are familiar with. From Jensen Ackles to Jaime King to Tom Atkins, the film has a fun cast and isn’t afraid to put them in danger. Originally released in theaters in 3D, the sequences in the mines really make the most of this gimmick.

5. Black Christmas (1974)

Best Slasher Movies - Black Christmas

Forget both remakes of this and go back to the original by Bob Clark (the man behind another Holiday classic, A Christmas Story). It’s not just one of the scariest slashers ever, but one of the creepiest films ever made. Shot in the Canadian winter, the cold practically comes off the screen while you watch. The 1970s versions of Christmas classics playing in the background of some scenes are just chilling. The performance by one of the first ever Scream Queens, the one and only Olivia Hussey, is something to be remembered. Her work here sells the whole film and connects to the viewer from the very start. If you are not sold yet, just watch it and wait for that closing shot.

That’s 5, or rather 6, of the best slasher movies ever made, but there are so many more. Honorable mentions go to Candyman, Halloween (obviously), Wishmaster, Scream, X (if it counts), Prom Night (the original of course), Friday the 13th – both the original and the remake, (yes even the remake), and so many more. The slasher sub-genre is one that is filled to brim with content. There’s so many movies, it’s difficult to do the genre justice in a single list.

Did we nail the best slasher movies ever, or did we skip your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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