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The new episode of the Awfully Good Horror Movies video series looks back at the “best worst movie” Troll 2

A new episode of the Awfully Good Horror Movies video series has just been released, and in this one we’re taking a look at a movie that has the reputation of being one of the worst movies ever made. Actually, it’s widely considered to be the best worst movie ever made. It’s 1990’s Troll 2 (watch it HERE), and you can hear all about it by watching the video embedded above!

Written and directed by Claudio Fragasso (going by the name Drake Floyd), Troll 2 has the following synopsis: When young Joshua learns that he will be going on vacation with his family to a small town called Nilbog, he protests adamantly. He is warned by the spirit of his deceased grandfather that goblins populate the town. His parents, Michael and Diana, dismiss his apprehensions, but soon learn to appreciate their son’s warnings. Guided by his grandfather’s ghost, will Joshua and his family stand a chance in fighting off these evil beings?

The film stars Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey, Connie McFarland, Robert Ormsby, Deborah Reed, Jason Wright, Darren Ewing, Jason Steadman, David McConnell, Gary Carlston, Mike Hamill, Don Packard, Christina Reynolds, Glenn Gerner, Michele Abrams, Lance C. Williams, Elli Case, Gavin Reed, Melissa Bridge, Paul Gibbs, Patrick Gibbs, and Steve Hatch.

With the Awfully Good Horror Movies series, we take a journey through the world of “so-bad-it’s-good” cinema in the horror genre. We’ll provide you with some fun trivia, details on the production, and some food/drinks to go with it. So join us for some schlock as we go through the who’s who of terrible horror cinema!

The Troll 2 episode of Awfully Good Horror Movies was Written, Edited, and Narrated by Tyler Nichols. The show is Produced by John Fallon and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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