Video! The We Want to Believe paranormal team investigates a haunted barn!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Our paranormal investigation series WE WANT TO BELIEVE is back with a vengeance and a brand spanking new supernatural investigation. This time our motley crew is invited to a re-modeled HAUNTED BARN where the owner Dee experiences an unusual haunting; droplets of water are appearing on the property, and on her. And the phenomenon has begun to follow her wherever she goes. Lead investigator Peter Renn says the cases is startlingly similar to an investigation he took part in years ago…

Hence… is it Dee, the owner of the barn, who is haunted? Is it the barn itself that is spooked? Or maybe somebody spiked the punch and they're all tripping balls? That's a joke btw. 😉 Who knows! Find out by clicking the embed above and watching the episode (Part 1 of 2)! Here's what show creator and paranormal investigator Jason Hewlett had to say about this particular and fairly odd case:

As a storyteller and paranormal investigator, The Barn is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Where The Demon Jar was a traditional case of an alleged haunting in a building with a sordid past, The Barn is completely different. We’ve got the least scariest location I’ve ever been to, and mysterious droplets of water appearing on Dee, the property owner, and inside the barn itself. And whatever this is, it’s following Dee wherever she goes. Nowhere is safe for her! Which bares the question, is it the barn that’s haunted, or Dee? That’s what we’re going to find out as we investigate… The Barn!

Created by Jason Hewlett, We Want to Believe is all about…

A paranormal reality show that takes an un-Hollywood approach to the pseudo science of paranormal investigation. Episodes chronicle investigations by writer/director/investigator Jason Hewlett, paranormal investigator Peter Renn and their team as they tackle hauntings, spectral encounters, Bigfoot, UFO sightings, and other high strangeness, No false evidence, no camera tricks or special effects — this is the real deal; what you see is raw and intact.  

Check out some stills and the trailer for this new investigation below! And Part 2 of The Barn will premiere early next month! Till then, you can follow the show's OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE HERE and give us a rating on our IMDb page while you're at it! Great weekend to all!

Who is Dee and why is she being targeted by supernatural forces in? 

Lead investgator Peter Renn ain't of no barns or ghosts! Actually… he ain't afraid of jack-shit!

Investigators Sarah Jane and Jason Hewlett trying to catch some ghostly vibes!

Investigator Jason Hewlett is ready for action!

DP Brandon Knippelberg and Investigator Sarah Jane doing… ummm… well, watch the episode and find out!


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