Witches get revenge on a dead man in Blood Craft, out this month

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Blood Craft James Cullen Bressack Augie Duke Madeleine Wade

A while back, we heard that director James Cullen Bressack was working on a supernatural revenge film called TOGETHER. Now we're just a week away from when the film is going to be receiving a digital release, and when it arrives next week it will be sporting the title BLOOD CRAFT.

Written by Bressack and Madeleine Wade, who also stars in the film alongside Augie Duke, BLOOD CRAFT is about 

two sisters who suffered abuse as children at the hands of their sadistic father. After his death, the pair decide to use witchcraft in order to bring his spirit back to get revenge and closure.

Dave Sheridan, Michael Welch, Mark Rolston, Dominique Swain, Anna Harr, and Sage Correa round out the cast.

Produced by Bressack, Wade, Micah Brandt, and James Thomas, BLOOD CRAFT will be available for viewing as of April 9th.

Using witchcraft to get revenge on a dead man is certainly an interesting concept, so I'll be watching this movie later this month to see how that idea plays out.

A trailer and poster for BLOOD CRAFT can be seen below.

Blood Craft James Cullen Bressack

Source: Arrow in the Head

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