You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In trailer: Dave Parker vampire film is now on Tubi

Trailer: Director Dave Parker’s vampire movie You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In is now available to watch on the Tubi streaming service

With his 2000 feature directorial debut The Dead Hate the Living!, Dave Parker made what I feel is one of the best Full Moon films, so I’ve been eager to see more of his work ever since. He hasn’t made a lot of movies over the decades, but every time he has, I’ve been there to check it out: the subversive slasher The Hills Run Red (2009), the anthology Tales of Halloween (2015), the housesitting horror It Watches, the Full Moon spin-off Puppet Master: Doktor Death (2022)… So I’m excited to see that a new Parker film, a vampire movie called You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In, has just been released through the free streaming service Tubi as a Tubi Original! The trailer is embedded above.

Parker directed You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In from a screenplay by Michael Lucid and Mary O’Neil. This is the first feature writing credit for Lucid, who is most often credited as an actor or a casting editor. O’Neil (who also had several acting credits) previously worked on the script for Second Chance Christmas. The story Lucid and O’Neil crafted for this one has the following synopsis: During a bachelorette party in Italy, a group of girls invite a handsome stranger into their home, not realizing he’s a vampire looking for a bride.

The film stars Isabella Egizi (Sugar Town), Anastasiya Bogach (Twin Flower), Nathaniel Ansbach (Inner City Rats), Fabián Castro (Ombligo), Riccardo Angelini (School of Champions), Andrea Melis (Anna), and newcomers Diana Gardner, Giulia Nunnari, Mauro Massa, Laura Mura, and Davide Nurra.

You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In was produced by Christian Ortega and Roberta Setzu, with Angie Day, Mattie Fellbaum, Hannah Pillemer, Fernando Szew, and Marianne C. Wunch serving as executive producers.

What did you think of the trailer for You Shouldn’t Have Let Me In? Will you be watching this movie on Tubi? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Like I said, his work on The Dead Hate the Living! was already enough to ensure that I’ll watch anything Dave Parker makes, so I will definitely be checking this movie out.

You Shouldn't Have Let Me In Tubi
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