A female Expendables film coming from Adi Shankar, star studded cast now being sought?

So what up, you get EXPENDABLED yet? If not, why not?!

Well here's some pretty interesting news if I do say so myself. Variety is reporting that Adi Shankar is fixing to produce an EXPENDABLES like feature with an all-female cast for his banner 1984 Private Defense Contractors. In fact, Shankar recently hired scribe Dutch Southern to write the script.

No details beyond that were given, save for the script being out to several "prominent actresses" looking to make this star-studded event film. Shankar produced THE GREY, so maybe we should lend a little faith. He also has MACHINE GUN PREACHER and KILLING THEM SOFTLY - two high profile crime pictures - in the works. Pretty solid pedigree, but a female Expendables?

Alright, so let's just dive into a game of cast this. Off bat, I'm thinking Zoe Saldana, Gina Carano, Maggie Q, perhaps a youngen like HANNA's Saoirse Ronan. Who else you think is a viable option? Will they skew older, like EXPENDABLES does (and the banner up top), or feature new female action stars? In a sexist, ageist biz, the latter I'm guessing.

True EXPENDABLE Charisma Carpenter!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite tough chick pictured above?
Source: Variety



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