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A man melts down in Axed, Ryan Driscoll's award winning new UK horror flick

02.21.2012by: Jake Dee

Not 100% certain, but I do believe this is our first time being AXED!

Unforgivable pun aside, it's true. This marks our intro to Ryan L. Driscoll's award winning new UK horror /thriller AXED. And by award winning, let's be clear...the flick recently won Best Screenplay at the Bram Stoker International Film Fest held in Whitby, UK. Hopefully Imagination Worldwide parlays that honor into a wide release date...

Starring Jonathan Hansler, Andrea Gordon, Nicola Posener (below), Christopher Rithin, Henry Douthwaite and Brandon Francis - AXED picks up when:

With the world in financial turmoil, Kurt Wendell has been shaken to the core. His job had always been his anchor, the one place that kept him sane. But now they've taken it away from him. And his demons are finally taking over...

Unable to tell his family the dreadful truth, Kurt decides to make some serious cutbacks...

Granting his children a day off school and his wife a day off work, he drives the whole family to a remote spot, miles from civilization. Little do they know what he has in store for them…

One last bit of business, a final project that is both sinister and deadly, involving his wife, his children, and the savagely beaten man trapped in the attic…

It’s not only Kurt Wendell that’s getting AXED, as his ex-boss and his horrified family are about to find out, one by one…

A trailer and release date for the flick are soon to follow, so keep it close.

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Extra Tidbit: AXED is Driscoll's third feature, behind MAKING A KILLING (2002) and DEADLY DEPARTED (2010).



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