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06.11.2009by: The Arrow

Hey all! It was time - time for this twat to get with the motherf*cking times already. Yup, I recently chucked my old OFFICIAL SITE and updated it with my first Official Blog. You can check it out here. So what can you expect from this BLOG in terms of content?

Well I’ll talk about  the film projects I’m involved in, my experiences in the zany world that is the film industry, will perhaps share some personal shite about me now and again… maybe even go the Diary way if the amount of booze in my system is on the money… basically, I’ll do whatever I feel like doing when I do it. Don’t want to really “plan” this thing, I’ll go with the flow and see where it takes me. So there ya have it, my first crack at a BLOG; Zeus help us...

I was gonna slap up a pic of myself, but found this more interesting...

Extra Tidbit: My favorite meal is ribs, I love mash potatoes, my fav drink is a Jack and Coke and I'm more of an ass man than a tit man. I loathe Extreme Makeover Home Edition and laugh my ass off when I watch Intervention.
Source: John Fallon.com



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