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Avatar and Cloverfield creature designer working on Super 8

08.23.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Hollywood creature designer extraordinnaire Neville Page (AVATAR, CLOVERFIELD, STAR TREK) is designing the... whatever the hell it is in the J.J. Abrams/Steven Spielberg collaboration SUPER 8. And while Page of course isn't willing to give up too much regarding the secretive project, it's still interesting to hear him talk about how he's going about bringing Abrams' ideas to life.

According to the designer (via an interview with Wired, embedded below), Abrams "sort of" knows what the mysterious creature at the center of the film's plot looks like, while it's up to Page to fill in the blanks. Referring to the film's teaser, which ends on a boxcar being bashed apart from the inside, Page said: "When that door blows open, it's the ultimate reveal". He also says there's going to be a "rubber something-or-other at some point", meaning that Abrams', in an effort to go old school with SUPER 8, will not rely solely on a computer-generated monster (or monsters).

I've grown quite curious about SUPER 8. I'm not letting myself get excited per se - Abrams has been pretty hit or miss, after all - but I like what I'm hearing so far; details for the open casting call included. Is this really going to be the throwback to the 80s Amblin adventures most of us know so well and still love? We won't find out until next summer. (Although at the moment SUPER 8 still doesn't have a set release date.)

Check out the interview with Neville Page below, and then revisit the SUPER 8 teaser below that...

Extra Tidbit: I just hope it doesn't end up looking like that STAR TREK monster...
Source: Wired



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