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Contest: Nerdcore 2010

10.30.2009by: Ammon Gilbert

This week's Blood Bullets & Broads: The Arrow in the Head Pocast is a special one. Not only is it Halloween, and not only do we have two special guests on the podcast, but... we also have the Podcast's first ever contest to win free shit! The contest is in the form of a Caption-the-Pic Contest which you can enter right HERE. All it takes is a Movie Fan Central account (it's FREE!), your word that you're 18 years or older, and a funny, sarcastic caption that you can slap onto said pic (below), and you can be a winner! It's that easy!

The prize? The 2010 Nerdcore Horror Calendar, that's what! Mixing sex, humor, and horror into 12 months of pure awesomeness, this calendar can be yours if you can make AITH Podcast co-host Eric and I bust a gut laughing. Keep it smart, keep it funny, keep it witty--we want to laugh our asses off! If you can do that, you can win yourselves a calendar (sorry, North American residents only)!

Listen to the podcast (HERE) for all the ins and outs of the contest, and head THIS WAY to enter! All entries (ONE entry per person) must be posted on my Movie Fan Central page by 11:59PM Halloween night (that's this Saturday). Winner's will be chosen and announced on next week's AITH Podcast, premiering right here on Wednesday, November 4th.


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