Cool Horror Gear: NECA's Life Size Aliens Xenomorph Egg

Have you ever watched a movie in the ALIEN franchise and wished you had the items required to recreate those terrifying moments when a Xenomorph egg splits open and a facehugger launches itself from within to attach itself to the mug of an unlucky victim... who, in this recreation, would be yourself? Well, NECA will be making your dreams come true in March.

The company behind many awesome collectibles has revealed their latest masterpiece, a replica of a Xenomorph egg as seen in the 1986 classic ALIENS, complete with articulated flaps to give it a hatching effect and a posable facehugger inside. Put three AAA batteries into the egg and switch-activated LED lights in the base add an otherworldy glow. The best thing about this egg is that it is "life size", standing 36 inches tall.

This egg looks extremely cool, I'm sure it's getting added to the "must have" lists of many ALIENS fans. Soon there's going to be Xenomorph eggs in homes all over the world.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying the egg?
Source: NECAonline



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