Cool Horror Videos: The making of The Nightmare Before Christmas!

THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS is such a cool holiday movie it receives love on two holidays: Halloween and Christmas. In fact, one of the fun things about discussing the film with genre fans is deciding which season it's more appropriate for. I think you'll find most people are split down the middle; more often than not, they'll be happy to agree to disagree. Probably 100% of them will tell you, why can't it be both?

While I agree with the latter sentiment, I find that I associate the Tim Burton-Henry Selick collaboration more with Christmas. Perhaps it's the presence of poor, imperiled Santa Claus, or the merry singing that takes occurs throughout. Whichever way you feel, I think we'll all agree it's a wonderful flick, never ceases to dazzle. 

All that is preamble to this cool little video, a vintage 24-minute featurette focusing on the difficult process of crafting the beloved stop-motion classic. Whether you assign NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS to Halloween or to Christmas, you'll find plenty to enjoy here.


Extra Tidbit: Do you think of Halloween or Christmas when you think of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS?
Source: YouTube



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