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Danny Trejo & Charisma Carpenter attend Haunted High, a SyFy original

08.17.2011by: Jake Dee

Danny Trejo and Charisma Carpenter in a SyFy original? Really, where else would you wanna be?

THR has learned that Mr. Trejo, in conjunction with the lovely Ms. Carpenter (below), as well as M.C. Gainey, Marc Donato and Jonathan Baron - has signed on to attend HAUNTED HIGH...a SyFy genre original. The flick is currently filming in Louisiana, under the watchful eye of director Jeffery Lando (THIRST, SAVAGE ISLAND), for a possible theatrical release.

The story, by Paul A. Birkett and Anthony C. Ferrante, is set at the fictional Holloman Academy, a New England private school that is visited by a demonic dead headmaster (Gainey).

Baron is the headmasters grandson and must fight to save the school, while Donato is the school’s bad boy.

Carpenter plays the sexy librarian, while Trejo is a janitor who is secretly the kick-butt guardian of the school.

Awesome! Trejo as an ass-kicking janitor? Carpenter as a smokin' librarian? Here's where I say I'm jealous of E.Dubb's SyFy reviewing gig. Not sure when HAUNTED HIGH will hit the network, but when it doesn't, be sure to check back in see what Eric thought of it.

Extra Tidbit: Special prize to those who can guess how many times Trejo has played a janitor. No cheating!
Source: THR



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