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Dimension acquires CV

11.08.2005by: Pat Torfe

Unlike fellow schmoe Mike Sampson, I've loved the Castlevania series ever since I popped Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest into my NES. The awesome concepts (Dr. Jones has nothing on the whip thing) and some of the best music in a video game I've ever heard (Symphony Of The Night's OST is on the top of my list) kept me from going nuts after school.

With earlier news that Paul W.S. Anderson had signed on to direct the film, Variety hits us with news that Dimension Films has struck the deal to distribute the film in North America. Anderson, who is currently in pre-production with RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, is expected to have the script ready for shooting next summer. To top it off, Anderson is helming a remake of DEATH RACE 2000 for Paramount. Jeez, with three projects on the go at one time, I hope that Anderson doesn't slip up on any of 'em, particularly Castlevania, which has been up there with Metal Gear Solid as the games I'd most like to see on the silver screen.

Not really, but with Drac on your back...

The film will focus on the origins of Dracula and the uprising of the Belmont Clan, a vampire-slaying family which becomes humanity's last hope. For more info on the game series itself, head over to The Castlevania Dungeon.

Source: Variety



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