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Doherty=Beautiful Outsider!

05.22.2009by: Mike Catalano

Our man, John Fallon (aka The Arrow), is going to get busy with Shannen Doherty! Please, excuse me, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I'm just so darn proud and excited for AITH's big boss! Okay, explanation:

A while back, we made the announcement that The Arrow will be appearing in the intense indie THE BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDERS. Back then, alcohol angel, Tara Reid, was attached to star. Well, now, it seems that Reid has been dropped and Ms. Doherty has been added in her place. Nice switch, in my opinion, if you're considering  acting talent. Now have a look at OUTSIDERS' plot:

After six years, former drug addict Jason Starkweather is released from prison. Placed in a halfway house and in a dead end job he struggles to suppress the urge to return to his old ways. His ex-girlfriend Sarah Fugate works in a brothel to pay her way through university while living with an abusive older man. Desperate to make up for his past mistakes, Jason tracks Sarah down. A shocking incident reunites the couple and they go on the run, fleeing the authorities while rekindling their love for one another. After a number of incidents on the road, including betrayal by a friend of Jason's, the couple take sanctuary in the house of affluent Richard and his daughter Shannon. Eventually the unlikely foursome are brought together by the shared pain of their pasts and forge a genuine bond as the police close in.

Pretty cool shite, eh? Also, Jeff Anderson, the talented 'Randall' from CLERKS has also just been added to the cast for writer/director, Andrew Jones. He and Shannon join Brad Dourif, Doug Bradley, David Hess,Giovanni Lombardo Radice,John Fallon,Claire King, Sarah Barrand, Stuart Cable and Stephanie James. As of now, filming is looking to start some time this October. For more info, you can check out the MySpace page here.


Extra Tidbit: I heard that Ms. Doherty has mellowed nicely over the years.
Source: AITH



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