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Dracula Zero talk with Proyas

08.27.2008by: Eric Walkuski

I can't quite decide which I'm more sick of: zombie movies or vampire movies. If I have to choose, I'm going with vampires. I may be a sicko, but I find that moldy, shuffling, flesh-eating corpses are more entertaining (and much scarier) than some self-important piece of Eurotrash that's afraid of garlic and getting tan (those toothy freaks from BLADE II aside).

But that shan't stop Hollywood from giving us more of them, and once-cool director Alex Proyas (THE CROW, I, ROBOT) is preparing to bring us the mother (father?) of them all: DRACULA! Proyas spoke to MTV about his "origin story" for the Count (yay, another gritty origin story) and promises that his version will have teeth... Literally!

“Oh, you’ve got to have teeth,” Proyas exclaimed. “I mean, the teeth are really important. I think Frank Langella in the ‘Dracula’ movie that was made in the 70s, I think he didn’t want to have teeth in the movie. But, no, I like the teeth. I want to see girls with a lot of teeth.”

Obviously, Proyas has an unlikely "whole lotta teeth" fetish, and that's okay. Personally, I prefer no teeth. To each his own. What else can we expect? Apparently it's "sort of the origin tale that mixes [the historical] Prince Vlad of Transylvania with sort of [fictionalized] Bram Stoker [take]”.

Proyas then, once again, promises teeth. And snakes. And blood. Sounds like my bathroom...

For the full interview, click it HERE!

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Source: MTV



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