Four more directors join The ABCs of Death, including Xavier Gens + Christopher Smith

Xavier Gens (FRONTIERE(S)), Christopher Smith (BLACK DEATH), Kaare Andrews (ALTITUDE) and Noburo Iguchi (MACHINE GIRL) have all come aboard THE ABCs OF DEATH, the 26-part anthology being made by Alamo Drafthouse Films. This thing sounds like a monumental experiment in horror film history; if you're not pumped for it, you don't have a pulse!

The four directors round out the group of 25 filmmakers from around the globe who are participating in the venture. Even cooler, the 26th short film can be made by YOU! Yes, the 26th Director spot will be determined by short film competition to discover an aspiring new talent. The winning filmmaker will receive a $5000 cash prize and will be included in the final release of the film. Participants will choose their own word and create a short film based off the letter “T.”

To enter, head right on over HERE. How awesome could that be?!

The aforementioned directors joins a who's who of ghoulish talent, including Jason Eisener, Ti West, Simon Rumley, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Angela Bettis and more. For a complete list of the team, head on over HERE.

And in case you haven't gotten the memo, here's what THE ABCs OF DEATH is all about: Each director is assigned a letter and every letter represents a word that acts as a springboard to tell a short story about death. A linking device will open, connect and close.

This unique anthology will be a celebration of death in all its forms, from the shocking and exotic to the humorously droll. It's up to each director to interpret the letter they are assigned as creatively and outrageously as they see fit.

Angela Bettis

Extra Tidbit: If you were to enter a short film based on a method of death beginning with the letter "T", what would it be about?



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