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Full Moon to celebrate their catalogue with a collector's edition art book

11.02.2016by: Brennan Klein
Full Moon Features Art Book

Full Moon Features, Charles Band's company behind cinematic classics like GINGERDEAD MAN VS. EVIL BONG and the PUPPETMASTER movies, is making a very Full Moon move at this year's AFM. They will be debuting "Full Moon Features: The Art Collection," a glossy, 80 page book that showcases Full Moon's library of over 250 horror features in high-end style.

The 80 page, 8x12 book will feature numerous images per page from every title in the catalog with a small 150-character logline under each film – ensuring the focus is on the beautiful art (see attached sample from the book). 

While the book will currently only be available at AFM, it will hit legit bookstores later this year. If you're not excited to own high-end PUPPETMASTER art, you're not truly living. Although personally, I'm hoping for a regal CASTLE FREAK portrait.

Check out the book cover below!

Extra Tidbit: What Full Moon feature is your favorite?



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