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Gaiman's new poster

01.11.2007by: Scott Carmichael

Comic book writer Neil Gaiman has released a teaser poster for his children's horror/fantasy film, and I personally think it looks great.

The film is based on his work CORALINE, which is
the story of a young girl aptly named ‘Coraline’, daughter of loving but terminally distracted and preoccupied parents, who finds a key to a locked door in the family apartment which previously opened onto a bricked up wall but now opens onto a dark corridor, down which she finds another apartment, seemingly an exact copy of her own, inhabited by her Other Mother.

The book has been compared to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, but creepier. And if the animation looks anything like the poster, this film will at least visually kick ass for sure! To find out more about Gaimans sweet catalogue of work, click here


Source: Official site



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