GoreZone FilmFest

Nothing like a film festival to put you in the right mood, eh? The good folks over at GoreZone Magazine just announced the upcoming GoreZone Magazine International Film Festival , set to run from October 31st to November 1st. That's right folks, a Halloween film fest!

If rockin' a horror-heavy film fest on Halloween interests ya, then know that over those two days, more than 14 films are scheduled to screen. Then there's the partying, the live shows, the booze, and of course... the Playboy Playmates. Say what???

That's right, in the true AITH-style of interest, GoreZone's Film Fest will feature Girls of the Playboy Mansion, partying it up with those in attendance. Hot damn, the costumes that will be worn should be flippin' amazing. THE SATANIC SLUTS will also be performing, as will Zara Phythian, to perform an all out action fight scene in a Bikini while fighting off 12 zombies to Tatu's latest track 'Snowfalls (Pouring snow)'.

This thing keeps on sounding better and better by the minute! Films to be featured include MANEATER, MIDNIGHT MOVIE, BIKINI GIRL'S ON ICE, and SILENT NIGHT ZOMBIE NIGHT among many, many more.

To check out the full line-up, or just for more information on what's happening, where it's at, and all that fun stuff, head THIS WAY, and get ready for a rockin' time this Halloween!

The Satanic Sluts!
Extra Tidbit: Since it's in the UK, I won't be there. Damnit.
Source: AITH



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