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Hack/Slash vs. Army of Darkness comic cover art!

10.16.2012by: Eric Walkuski

Cassie, meet Ash...

Two great demon-killing icons, Cassie Hack from "Hack/Slash" and Ash from, you know, EVIL DEAD, are joining forces next year in HACK/SLASH VS. ARMY OF DARKNESS, a comic from Dynamite Entertainment. Below you'll get to scope out the cover art, which Bleeding Cool just premiered. Pretty awesome!

The mini-series is being penned by "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley, although the artist has not been announced yet. (That cover was colored by Carlos Badilla.) No plot details are available either, but I suppose we can assume Ash and Cassie will get along just fine while mowing down monsters together. (It's likely that Ash will get a little fresh, but that "Hail to the King, baby" stuff probably won't go over well with Cassie...)

HACK/SLASH VS. ARMY OF DARKNESS comes out in 2013.

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Source: Bleeding Cool



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